Incorporating Wheelguarding Anti-Drop Plates, Width Adjusting and Lifting Shackle.
B1 – B3
This range of lightweight hand-push ‘SUPERCLAMP’ adjustable runway beam trolleys offers easy to use mobile securing attachments for load and lifting requirements. Developed for lighter industrial application, this product range is completely recommended for maintenance departments and must be an integrated part of every engineers tool kit.

The left and right hand threaded adjusting bar only requires turning so as to ensure appropriate adaptation to a beam width, and the trolley is ready for use.

No additional tools or width adjusting components are required.

Fitted with a width adjustment locking mechanism and wheelguarding antidrop plates, this range of products could well be one of the great innovations to secure safety and health in the home workshop and at work.

SUPERCLAMP adjustable runway beam trolleys B1, B2 & B3, are of acknowledged and experienced design. The unique quality features of this new range of manual traveling gear are the wheel guarding anti-drop plates, which are incorporated into the practical design of these transferable and mobile securing attachments. To compliment this range, reference is made to SUPERCLAMP geared runway beam trolleys which allow additional ease of load conveyance.

Adjustable Runway Beam Trolleys
Adjustable Runway Beam Trolleys
MODEL WLL at 0° Vertical A Width Adjustment C To Accomodate Beam Flange Thickness J Inside Shackle Crown to Spacer Average Weight
Lbs Kg inch min-max mm min-max inch mm inch mm Lbs Kg
B1 6720 3048 3” - 8” 76 - 203 1 1/8” 28 4 1/2” 115 60.6 23.5
B2 13440 6096 4” - 12” 105 - 305 1 1/4” 32 4 1/2” 115 112.4 50.0
B3 22400 10160 6 1/4” - 12” 160 - 305 1 1/2” 38 4 1/2” 115 158.7 74.5