Incorporating Adjusting Mechanism and Lifting Shackle.
R1, R2
Developed for standard rail sections, the SUPERCLAMP adjustable rail lifting clamps provide a reliable and secure grip on the rail when tightened. Its lightweight, versatile adjustability and low maintenance requirements makes this SUPERCLAMP product a highly recommendable unit for all engaged in rail construction, rail maintenance and rail manufacture.
Adjustable Rail Lifting Clamps
Adjustable Rail Lifting Clamps
MODEL WLL at 0° Vertical A Jaw Grip Adjustment J Inside Shackle Crown to Spacer K Sideplate  Thickness Average Weight
Lbs Kg inch min-max mm min-max inch mm mm Lbs Kg
R1 6720 3048 All Standard Rail Sections to 113 A 3 3/4” 95 6.0 13.2 6.0
R2 11200 5080 4” 105 12.5 21.0 9.5